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Change iPad Display and Battery in 30 minutes. Quick, professional and warranty repairs.

Prices iPad repairs

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Repair iPad Pro

Repair iPad Pro 12.9 (3agen.)
Changing iPad Pro 12.9 Display (3agen.)
Battery Change iPad Pro 12.9 (3agen.)

Repair iPad Pro 12.9 (2agen.)
Screen Change iPad Pro 12.9 (2agen.)
Battery Change iPad Pro 12.9 (2agen.)

Repair iPad Pro 12.9
Changing iPad Pro 12.9 Screen
iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Change

Repair iPad Pro 11
Changing iPad Pro 11 Screen
Changing iPad Pro 11 Battery

Repair iPad Pro 10.5
Changing iPad Pro 10.5 Screen
iPad Pro 10.5 Battery Change

Repair iPad Pro 9.7
Screen Change iPad Pro 9.7
iPad Pro 9.7 Battery Change

Repair iPad Air

Repair iPad Air 3
Changing iPad Air 3 Screen
Changing iPad Air 3 Battery

Repair iPad Air 2
iPad Air 2 Screen Change
Changing iPad Air 2 Battery


Repair iPad Air
Changing iPad Air Screen
Changing iPad Air Battery

Repair iPad

Repair iPad 2019
iPad Screen Change 2019
iPad Battery Change 2019

Repair iPad 2018
Changing iPad Screen 2018
iPad Battery Change 2018

Repair iPad 2017
iPad Screen Change 2017
iPad Battery Change 2017

Repair iPad 4
Changing iPad Screen 4
Changing iPad Battery 4

Repair iPad 3
Changing iPad Screen 3
Changing iPad Battery 3

Repair iPad 2
Changing iPad Screen 2
Changing iPad Battery 2

Repair iPad mini

Repair iPad mini 5
Changing iPad mini Screen 5
Changing iPad Mini Battery 5

Repair iPad mini 4
Changing iPad mini Screen 4
Changing iPad Mini Battery 4

Repair iPad mini 3
Changing iPad mini Screen 3
Changing iPad Mini Battery 3

Repair iPad mini 2
Changing iPad Mini Screen 2
Changing iPad Mini Battery 2


Repair iPad mini
Changing iPad mini screen
Changing iPad Mini Battery

Request an iPad repair at home in 3 easy steps

That's how easy it is to repair your iPad in Stop & Click Technical Service APPLE

1. Select your iPad repair in two clicks. Pack it up! Don't send it unsyged.

2. Once the order has been placed we collect your iPad and repair it in the workshop.

3. Before 72 hours you receive it at your repaired home and with the best guarantee.

If you request to repair your iPad online our carrier will pick you up at your home, repair it in 24-72 hours* and send it back to your home with fast, effective and quality service. We repair your iPad at the best price! *Except in diagnostics and repairs or services involving the handling of the motherboard.